LOVE THE HELL OUT OF OTHERS AND YOU WILL EVENTUALLY HAVE ALL THE ICE CREAM YOU CAN EAT. When you love others with a genuine heart, you become more present to their feelings which include their pains and needs. You approach them from the position of, “How can I improve this person’s life? How can […]
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When you love others with a genuine heart, you become more present to their feelings which include their pains and needs. You approach them from the position of, “How can I improve this person’s life? How can I add value to this person’s life?” as opposed to, “Where can I get money? COME ON GIVE ME THE MONEY!”.

This is the mindset I see a lot of people have: “The XYZ market is a $50B market and is about to explode 30% within the next 2 years. I’m going to get into that and get a piece of the pie!”. The ice cream shop has the right to refuse service to anyone and does not serve those with that mindset. We only serve ice cream to those who love others and solve their pains. Well, maybe we’ll offer plain vanilla to the 99% who don’t.

Do you think someone will tell you their pains and needs if you genuinely show them that you want to help improve their lives? Or are they more likely to tell you their pains if you approach them from the angle of, “Hey would you buy this product from me? Come on, buy it!”

When you love the hell out of others, you begin building a brand with a noticeable heart. Customers WILL notice this and you will develop a loyal following. They will tell their friends and post it all over Facebook. You notice how Café Neo has a loyal following of fans? That’s because they show love for their employees and love for their customers by striving to always satisfy everyone’s needs. It’s a coffee joint with a frigging culture. I love it. The employees are always joyful as hell. The company has HEART and SOUL. Compare that to the majority of other fast food joints who are just a cold cash taker.

Sometimes it’s not always about profit. Love others first and the ice cream will come.
Love others. Drop the greed because it will blind you to opportunities for more ice cream around you. When you harness this mindset for a long enough amount of time, you will see the abundance of possibilities and realize the ice cream is everywhere. Fear and scarcity WILL be replaced by confidence and abundance.


The moment you stop caring about money is the moment you start making money.

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You may never know how much those little words you dropped in affected the person who listened. A common saying noted that we do have two ears and one mouth so we ought listen more. I could say- listen twice as much as you speak if it were a direct proportion. Now I tell you […]
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You may never know how much those little words you dropped in affected the person who listened. A common saying noted that we do have two ears and one mouth so we ought listen more. I could say- listen twice as much as you speak if it were a direct proportion.

Now I tell you a story of a young beggar who sat by an express road where he could be seen by people passing and perhaps helped. He had lost his voice to a neck surgery when he was a child. This impairment obviously had so much impact on his life generally as he had lost so many opportunities to the defect.

He was the only child of a single mother, who had catered for and loved him despite the speech impairment. She seemed like the only one who understood and loved him unconditionally since after the fatal accident he lost his father to when he sustained the serious injuries that led to his neck surgery. No one else seemed to care about this young innocent child.

He had grown through his primary and secondary education with so much difficulty as his mother did all she could to see him do well. She got him into some school for physically challenged children where he obtained this basic education. He nursed great dreams of propagating campaigns, and building a foundation to support other physically challenged children someday; having gone through so much discrimination as he grew.

Few months to his graduation from High School, he lost his mother to some job hazard at her automobile company where she worked so hard to earn him a good life. This felt like the end of the world to him. He felt really lonely and devastated as the one person he could trust was no more-the only one who could ‘listen’ to him even without words. She could understand and decipher his needs with so much ease he didn’t always have to get a means to tell her. She even learnt to use the sign language just to ensure she knew all that was up with him per time. Loosing his mum felt like an end of hope, his dreams, his career and everything he ever lived for seemed to be giving way.

He finally graduated from high school, but could not further his education, for financial difficulties. He picked up courage to try seek a job with his first school leaving certificates. He had such wonderful grades he was considered in some places for some jobs. His applications seemed so amazing and with great certificates attached. All of these offers however were lost at his interviews when his speech impairment was observed. Things went from bad to worse after he had been rejected over 5 times from different jobs he knew he was capable of handling, ha had tried some petty trades but could not do so well with those either. He saw his dreams crumbling right before him and it hurt even the more. He resorted to begging as no one seemed to reason with him; hoping he was going to generate some capital to start up some bigger art firm, as he was pretty good with arts and hand crafts-which did not sell as much because he could not talk with hispatronizers.

Everyone wanted to cheat him even though his works were really creative and beautiful-they felt he was no better than a handicap who did not deserve any good pay and even doubted he did those many times. He could not even defend himself before those clients as they would not be patient to follow through a conversation with his pen, or understand his sign language which made many to even mock and laugh at him. This got him more discouraged as his mum who would have helped a great deal with advertising and exhibiting his art works was late. No one else saw this young talent wasting.

Days ran into weeks, and he just stayed out there begging. He would set out every morning with some beautiful artistic piece which he had worked so hard putting up over the night or his leisure time. Placing these works around his corner where he sat to beg, he always hoped someday people may patronise him- that seemed like his subtle way of exhibiting his art works. People dropped in ‘ peanuts’ for him as they passed which was nowhere near his expectations- they seemed to bypass his works as they hurriedly passed along to their destinations, only few stopped by to admire them and drop off some cash. This went on for several weeks until he decided to stop, refrain and re-strategize.

Just about a week after he stopped, very early one morning, a man came knocking at the door of the little home he lived in. With so much surprise as no one usually visited, he got to open the door and saw this stranger standing there. He stood quietly as he could not speak, and stretched his hand towards the only couch in there, offering the man a seat. He sat and began talking to him, introduced himself as Dr Gregg, and told him how he had traced his home. He told him he was attracted by one of his art works which looked like his dream house about a week ago, on looking more closely, he decided he was going to find out how he could get one but, could not because he had a colleague with him as they were driving back home after a very long day at work. They got discussing, when he pointed out the art work to his colleague who happened to know about this beggar and his art exhibitions, and told his friend the little he knew. Dr Gregg instantly had decided to patronise him at any cost, on his way from work the next day, but did not see him sitting there. He then got back to his friend to ask for any useful information. While they discussed, his colleague, Dr Peter who was a younger consultant thought it wise to confide in his friend and senior colleague. He was broken as he shared a terrible experience; one of the worst things that had happened to him in his career and practice. He shared how he had made a mistake in one of his early surgeries as a Registrar. It was a neck surgery for a little boy who was rushed into the emergency while he was on call. Being the most senior doctor present then, he had to start up the surgery while he had put across a call to his seniors who were going to join him up. Though kind of scared, he knew that any further delays would worsten his chances of survival, so took the risk and began the surgery. He did his very best, but was told after the surgery by his consultant who joined him up later that he had done a damage to the child’s recurrent laryngeal nerve which could cost him his voice. He had lived with this guilt all along but did not know how to make up. On hearing this, Dr Gregg filled, with compassion about the pathetic story decided to help out in every way possible, and Dr Peter was fully ready, and grateful for the kindness shown. He also told him of the most intriguing part of the tragic event was when he told the child’s mother. He had struggled with how to go about telling her that her son may loose his voice, but amazingly, when he did, her words, with the tears in her eyes, had kept him through his practise all along. On hearing that her son was alive, and had a successful surgery, but was not going to be able to speak again looked at him, and with tears rolling down her cheeks, and some confusing gaze said to him, ‘thank you so much Doctor for saving his life. His voice may be gone due to the surgery but then, leaving here with him is such a miracle to always be thankful for.’ Those words kind of mopped of the shame and incompetence Dr Peter felt, and gave him a reason not to quit practising, but get more devoted, as he could bring back hope to many and save more lives with more proficiency. He had expected the usual aggressive response from the lady, but had the exact opposite. Those words struck a bell in Dr Gregg’s heart as he heard them too and then he casually said to his friend that they reminded him also of one of his female employees in his automobile company that practically taught everyone there to be thankful at all times, and never lack kind words in their mouths at any time. On mentioning her name, it sank to Dr Peter and synchronised with the history he had of that unforgettable patient several years back. That was the exact name of his mother and so they got tracing the folders to locate them.

On hearing all of these, he was between some kind of emotional looks and smiles. He told him of all his sad experiences, and mockeries from people even while he begged on the high way. Sometimes he would ask himself why people would not just quietly pass by if they chose not to drop in anything, rather than say all manner of things as they passed; perhaps thinking he was deaf, but he could hear all of those ugly things said and only got wounded as he could not speak to any of them right there. While the Doctor spoke, he could relate with those words as his mother had always taught him to count his words and be sure not to drop off any words he would wish to withdraw- ‘once heard, the effect is as good as done’ she would say to him so always think twice before your speech, even though he was not vocal, those words always rang in his head when he wrote out his words and thoughts in any conversation.

Dr Gregg, then told him of his plans to get the art work for any price, as he really appreciated the skill put down, and his decision with Dr Peter to do anything in their power to help him fulfil his dreams. Obviously, this meant he was going to further his education, develop his art works to such professional levels and more. They also offered to take care of his medical and other needs from thence.

You may never know how powerful your words can be- they can hurt or heal, destroy or make alive. Choose your words carefully, the echoes are heard beyond the speech.


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Thank you for reading.



Bibiana is the founder of BibiTees, a medical doctor and has an unending passion for music. She runs all day to day operations at BibiTees and has great obsession for customers’ happiness.

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With so much excitement, we have put together this piece to highlight our first set of designs. We trust you will share in our joy as we get riding on. Yippee… Let’s spot them together… There comes a time in a man’s life when he can say praise is what I do. When a king […]
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With so much excitement, we have put together this piece to highlight our first set of designs. We trust you will share in our joy as we get riding on. Yippee…

Let’s spot them together…

There comes a time in a man’s life when he can say praise is what I do. When a king can dance off his clothes, leaving his royal robes and names; then it really must be worth the praise to One indeed greater. If asked, he tells you everything that has breath should praise.

Now another finds such inspiration to say ‘in everything give thanks’. Here, rejoice always felt like a practiced slogan. Amazed to find himself free from every guilt and burden that once weighed him down, he screams I’m predestined, called, justified, glorified. He realises the awesomeness of the One who had always loved him even from his filth and indeed loves him evermore. You know what, he dedicated his life and all to say I’m God’s property, giving back his love to the One who taught him love.

You may attempt a guess at where this led. The place where a man finds a thing worth dying for, and chooses to live only for it- where he falls in love and enjoys giving up anything. I choose to interpret his thoughts as this: pursue your passion. I picked these clues from where I heard him say’ I have fought a good fight…’ he could boldly say he was not ashamed of what love he found, and gave up past duties for his new burning passion.


Guess it was not so difficult to spot those designs of ours hid in the text. How many were you able to find? (*winks*). Well, if it seemed difficult, you probably are not so familiar with our maiden designs-you can see our Lookbook here for pictures. Also, another clue here, the words in italics gives you the answers right there. Sure that’s much easier now.

Now let’s play on. See the next piece for the rest of the designs. Some other tricks apply here, try figure it…  (Remember, you may use pictorial aids)

Ready!!! Now let’s do this!!!

I choose to talk about something I find really interesting; it should interest you too. I got to hear about this when I was much younger and immediately fell in love with some passionate fellow in it. If you believe in getting or doing what you love at all cost, then sure, this will resonate well with you, cos you got a look-alike here. The electric bulb story is what I’ve been driving at. The story of Thomas Edison reminds me always of one thing – pursue your passion. Never let it go for any reason, keep going on your path till you see the light and pick every treasure there-in.

The success of this great hero feels to me like ‘project innovate or die’. It felt like he was bent on achieving this goal, and nothing less would do, thus he kept working on it till it worked.

I’ll just add this personal advice to the lesson from him: ‘work, travel, repeat’. I have learnt this from observation and experience that we get better at what we do when we take breaks. The ‘all work and no play riddle’ still holds true. Sometimes, all we need is just a little break from our hectic, strenuous activities to ease and refresh our minds and bodies, thus improving our potential to work better. I have learnt to take breaks, else, could have it really over-whelming at some point (those in my profession can relate with this). Trust me, the exposures you get from your breaks and vacations may give out the clues or bring back the motivation you need to continue with your work.

And finally, one last advice here, would be not to under-estimate the forces of nature, and beyond the earth. We get more inspirations and off course, help from above, especially when we can’t seem to find a naturally easy path: so here’s the advice in simple terms, pray, hustle, repeat!!!

Were you able to spot the rest? Did you notice the first words of each design here were in straight fonts and not italics…

Sure you’ve had fun doing this with me. Hope you were able to spot all the designs in our little game.

Have fun!

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Oops it’s Sunday morning; really excited right here. It feels like some ‘wow decision’. spontaneous? … Well I won’t say so, will rather say a well calculated investment, a great decision made within the available ‘short while’ that presented.

Right here at the Charles de Gaulle International Airport, Paris, still wondering how real this is, it’s just as true as can be that I’m fully up, and will be in Aberdeen soon. Sitting here, while waiting for my boarding time, I got a pop-up on my mind as I looked through my photo gallery, going through pictures of BibiTees. I got captivated again, as always, by our lovely moments-time out with Bibi Tees are always amazing. Now I’ll tell you what got my attention.

The word ‘passion’ on the pursue your passion t-shirt I wore in some cute pictures with the most handsome guy my heart knows- my husband (see our Lookbook). This got my mind stirred as so many nice moments flipped open right there. I’ll tell you more in a bit. Sure you’ll be as thrilled as my mind when you get to hear them. Before I do that, I got looking up the meaning of passion after all of those flooded my little great mind. Thanks to google search engine- always a friendly companion.

PASSION: strong and barely controllable emotion. According to the Merriam Webster Dictionary, it is a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something; a strong feeling (such as anger) that causes you to act in a dangerous way; a strong sexual or romantic feeling for someone.

Now let’s hear the interesting love gist you’ve been itching to hear. (smiles). While I imagined how far love can make one go, I’m grateful to God I found real love. The best of it; I know it’s true taste and it’s sacrifice, and can say it is indeed all worth it ever. While I stirred happily at the romantic pictures of my lovely husband and me, I took notice of the word passion. At that moment, what happened to me would have seemed like a flash back, but was rather a pleasure-sneak into that moment that feels ever new, the first day I met my husband. It came as real as palpable again. The glance, the stirring, the passion in both eyes and attitude as he spoke to my innocent, tender heart, just watching, and say, pretending or perhaps not have taken so much note. Right now the passion is as mutually driving as none can hide any bit of it. Everyone around us can feel the love that exudes from our relationship. There just cannot be any better couple, or let’s say we’re model couple of what the word passion says. While I still can’t get myself off those pictures and moments, I find myself falling in love over and again with my husband. Memories just flowed of what we’ve been through, admiration and comments from people everywhere, eyes stirring during those street shots in the picture, and every other moments together just played on. I practically got lost in our world while I put down this piece as the events unfolded, I was minutes close to missing my flight. Every moment was still really worth it, though, all I could think of was being in my husband’s arms in a couple of hours.

Not so long into my amazing love-thoughts, I realised that the passion that flows in our BibiTees had been inherent in both of us. We could go as far as any length to achieve whatever our hearts see. The rest of the love story that illustrates this will be better told by my Honey-pie. Not many would get this as straight – especially if you have never tried going for a lady and having to wait several years, going through series of tests unknown to you. The interesting gist, however is right now, I’ll score him anything worth more than a 100%.

While I sit here, pondering about all these and smiling all to myself as I work, I realised another interesting phase of our today’s word – passion. I realised I was actually chasing a part of my life I had so much passion and enthusiasm for, on that day when I met with Mr Solomon. It was an invitation to a program by my drum tutor, Godfrey Iyama, that hooked me up with that ever pleasing opportunity. I really do enjoy every moment with music and especially doing my drums, like I could do anything to grab a time-out with my drums. It was on one of such adventures that I got to meet the guy of my dreams.

My passion had me grasping opportunities until I found a man with an even-greater dose of passion. His drive for things he gets into has helped him achieve some miles and keeps him thirsting for and working for more. I can truly say his passion inspires me even at my low states and sure I learn a great deal what it feels like to work things through until they work.

Together, we go for even greater heights and sure do achieve more. Bibi Tees is one of the products of our passionate adventures; so glad we’re learning and growing steadily at it as we climb higher.

Watch out for more!!!

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